Garden Greed {Day 2 of Sorry, Not Sorry}

Imagine this.  

God moves you to the beach – or the mountains – wherever your “paradise” is.  You spend the rest of your days reading books by the crashing waves or taking walks along the trickling stream.  Your favorite person(s) is with you.  God walks and talks with you.  Your health is perfect.  Not a care in the world.

But.  God makes ONE request.  Don’t go near the spotted shells on the beach or the yellow vine along the streams.  That’s it.  Keep your perfect life as long as you avoid one shell or one vine.

What a deal!

I am guessing most of us would take God up on this offer.  Busy lives – gone.  Overloaded schedules – gone.  Cancer – gone.  Stress – gone.  No weight to lose or clothes to buy.  To dinner to make or expectation to meet.  And all in exchange for following one request.

Sounds like heaven, huh?

That’s because it was.  Eve had it all.  Perfect life in an unfathomable garden (Genesis 2). Spending her life with one she loved and walking with God. The only expectation?  Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Day 2 of 31

Do you ever wonder…for Pete’s sake, Eve!  Could you NOT have just listened?  It was ONE tree!  You had so many trees.  So many flowers.  No concerns or worries.  No stress or schedule.  

And I wonder if Eve felt the same as soon as she heard this from the God with whom she’d been so lovingly walking….

Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” Genesis 3:13

Imagine that.

Your Creator seeing and knowing your transgression.  Your weakness.  Your sin.  And calling you out on it.  Not with a chastisement, but with a question that He expects YOU to answer, showing that you will own your sin and acknowledge your fault before Him.  He doesn’t make it easy.

It’s here, friends, with this one verse tucked in Genesis, our apologies began.  Suddenly, we’d done wrong and been wronged.  Our eyes were opened to all the ways in which we can fail…we had knowledge of good – and now evil.

When we know our wrong – our evil – we apologize for it.  That’s good.  Necessary.  Right. But, then we reminisce, remember, regret.  

We live guilty for what we’ve done and who we are – because somewhere along the way, our sins become your persona.  People associate them with us – the adulterer, the glutton, the liar, the thief, the addict.  

Even worse – when someone else’s sins become our being.  When you get to carry something you did not do, but something that was done to you (and you could spend the next 20 years squabbling in your heart about how much or how little of these incidents you should own.)

And when this becomes our being – who we are – we carry it like a massive backpack filled to the brim with guilt.  Guilt bought by our actions and choices.  Guilt by association.  Guilt founded in wasteful what if’s.  

Because of Eve’s garden greed, apologizing for self began and continued.  While the Bible doesn’t say if Eve kept apologizing over and over to her offspring and her husband, we know we do.  Even after we own what’s ours to own.  Even after we say sorry and explain our behavior, asking for forgiveness.  The transgression – or self-perceived deficiency or negligence – roots itself in our soul.  And from that moment on, we carry the garden’s weight.

Sisters, as you read this post and this series, please understand and know: I am not saying you never have to apologize.  That you shouldn’t feel sorry or sorrow.  If you’ve sinned, I pray it breaks your heart.  I pray you are sorry and repentant.  But, I also pray you don’t live there.  And I find, more often than not, we apologize for things that simply aren’t things.  We didn’t do anything.  Perhaps we’re a victim or misunderstood.

Regardless.  This penchant for apologizing began in the garden with greedy choice by the very first women, so we should not be surprised that it’s our tendency today.  But, you don’t have to keep apologizing, chalking it up to DNA or tendency.  

Instead, you can begin moving forward by giving up the guilt – tomorrow!  

Sorry, Not Sorry,


  1. I am unfortunately well versed with that guilt backpack. 🙁 I love when you said, “When we know our wrong – our evil – we apologize for it. That’s good. Necessary. Right. But, then we reminisce, remember, regret.” If God can forgive our sins, why should we hold onto them?


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