Prayer {Day 4 of Sorry, Not Sorry}

During this series, every third post will be a prayer over the two previous posts. Prayer has become so much more to me over the past three months, and I want to be intentional in seeking HIS help – not thinking we can change our hearts, minds, or habits on our own.  Join in prayer…

Day 4 of 31


Father, we thank you today that we do not have to walk in guilt and condemnation.  We thank you for the forgiveness and freedom you offer to those who confess and repent.  You are a God of infinite love, mercy, and grace, and for that, we could not be more thankful.

Lord, reveal to us the places that are legitimate, need-to-be-dealt-with guilt, and that which is comfortable and familiar. Help us to see when we are hiding behind guilt and when we truly have reconciling work to do for You.  We apologize to you for dismissing who you made us to be with our unnecessary apologies. We ask for your revelation, your understanding, and your forgiveness.  May we fully comprehend that we are not made to give up the guilt alone.  That we can do all things through you as you give us strength. May we embrace the girl you made us to be with her flaws and flair. May we use our uniqueness and gifts for You, never apologizing for who you knit us in the womb to be.   

We ask in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

**I urge you to write your own prayer, naming and surrendering each area of guilt – legitimate or perceived – to your Creator.  This is the first step in moving forward.

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