Praying for Our World {Advent}

We find ourselves in one room without a pressing to-do list.  It’s a miracle!  An almost whole day to catch up and check in. I bring up Advent, showing my kiddos some options on Pinterest for countdown calendars and gift giving.  We begin brainstorming a “giving” calendar, combining a few Pinterest ideas.

Hannah interrupts with you know what I wish we could do?

I wish we could focus less on us and more on others, especially those living in other countries. Could we pray for a different country each day of Advent?

I love that this is HER idea and not mine. That her heart wants to do this instead of me “making” her observe this season because “it’s the right thing to do.”

I google and search Pinterest.  No “daily prayer for countries” options.  But, that doesn’t deter Hannah.

We just make it up.

It’s not perfect.  We have great ideas that don’t work – not sure anyone can make a card stock country fit in a glass ornament although we’ve tried.  Oh, some gal on Pinterest made it work, but ours was a bust.

Still, fancy country ornaments notwithstanding, we invite you to join us in Praying for Our World.

praying for our world

There are 26 days from November 29 to December 24.  So each day/evening, we will learn about and pray over one country.  According to Google, there are 196 countries in the world.  We can’t cover them all, so each of us chose six.  Two countries were a given:  Honduras and the USA (for obvious reasons!)

Hannah has been closely following the refugee crisis, so she chose countries like Syria.  Owen chose countries that he’s heard of – Russian and Brazil.  My friend, Jen, researched the countries she chose, trying to find those that are the poorest or those with the most unreached people groups.  I chose Cambodia and the countries that border it because my good friend, Marla, lives there.

After choosing countries, I used Google images to find an outline of the country.  (I literally googled Syria outline.)  We saved the outlines and inserted them into a Google Drive document and printed them on card stock paper.

Hannah cut out each country and taped a looped, colorful ribbon to the back of the country.  She also wrote the country’s name on the back because we can’t tell them apart (geographically challenged!)

FullSizeRender (10)

Hannah also researched each country looking for the most practiced religion, dominant industry, size in square miles, climate, wage per day, and nonprofits working in the country. I added population and other unique information that popped up.  

Each day we will share a bit about the country.  Pray over it. And hang the ornament on the little tree we used last year for a Jesse tree.  I love Hannah’s idea because it will truly help us to keep perspective during a busy time of year that’s full of wanting and spending.  When we look upon the needs around the world, loving and focusing on them not us, I pray our hearts are opened and softened as we don’t want to be indifferent to the plight of others.

You can join us here each day of Advent or choose 26 of your own countries to pray over.  Ornaments and research are bonus. You can always pray for our world without the extras.

We’ll also be reading Born is the King separately.  Hannah and I will read along on She Reads Truth while Owen reads on He Reads Truth, preparing our hearts for His coming!

If you’ve not decided on a way to observe Advent, this post and this Pinterest board have LOTS of ideas.  I hope you find something that fits your family.

See you back here tomorrow to pray for Honduras!

Much Love,


  1. love this idea!!

  2. Love this with everything in me. We’ll join you!!!

  3. This is beautiful. I will join you and pray for the blessings on each country.

  4. We’ll join you!!


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