Finding Him in the Small {31 Days}

My friend, Ali, and I have spent the year seeking God in the small. We both have big personalities and like to go big or go home. We are both leader types who love people. And we both felt God leading us to the small – an idea birthed with our friend, Marla, after listening to God, Make Us Small.


Each month we ask God for a “theme” – some idea or action that will lead us closer to becoming smaller and smaller so he can be bigger and bigger in our lives, families, and communities.

In January we focused on becoming better listeners. Submission in February and wonder in March. And on and on. We’ve focused on serving and hospitality. On self-care and stillness. It’s been a harder than I ever imagined.

Yet it’s caused me to end most days pondering…where did I see Jesus today? How is He at work? Where is He showing up in the small? The unexpected?

And I’ve discovered that when I look for Him, I find Him.

So for the next 31 days, I plan to share with you where I see him. Why?

Because I believe in the power of story and of noticing. If we can begin to see Him everyday, our faith and joy will grow as begin to live thankful for the ways he shows himself everyday.

I also pray you’ll share where you see him.  I think we have so much to learn from one another.

There’s miracles everywhere – if we only stop and notice.

I look forward to seeing Him and growing in faith alongside you in October!


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  1. Love this and your blog. Looking forward to finding Him in all things.

    • Thanks so much! Please come back and share where you’re seeing him each day. I’d love to hear!
      Are you participating too?

  2. This looks to be a great series! Blessings to you as God inspires your writing!

  3. Awesome topic Sarah! – sounds very similar to mine for write 31 days – I am looking for His glory and His working in my messy real life. I look forward to reading your discoveries of God too! October is going to be awesome.

  4. I love the idea of this series, Sarah! I’ve been learning a lot about finding God in the small as well, so I’m excited to read your series!

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