Our Christmas Poem {Live Given 2017}

Live Given

Christmas Poem 2016

My poem this year is different

Perhaps not as funny or bright,

Because I know in our hearts

we’d like to see wrongs made right.

We see Aleppo and refugees

Looking for room at the inn,

But no one even offers a stable,

And it frustrates us to no end.

How can we help? What can we do?

We ask ourselves everyday.

But then we make no real move

To seek Him, sacrifice, and pray.

So may this year be a bit different,

My hope is we move into action!

We will seek to love and give

To every group and faction

I know it’s easier to stay at home

And not work toward justice for others,

But Jesus didn’t call us to comfort

He called us to love our brother

What will this look like?  How will we afford it?

These answers I do not know.

But I do know when we ask Jesus

The answers He will surely show.

We don’t have to do it on our own-

Jesus has never worked that way.

We have to seek his strength and guidance

As we go throughout each day.

His word says to find your life you’ll lose it,

To seek and you will find.

To knock and the door will open to you-

That it’s always good to be kind.

We’ll call this living given –

Living life focused less on me.

And I bet at the end of this year

Our hearts will feel more free.

So as we go about our days

And live life following Him,

May we always be most aware

Of how we can cut and trim.

Our time, our cents, our talents

All can be used for His glory;

I hope the ways in which we live given

Become the central part of our story.

I think we are up to this mighty call

Or God would not lay it on my heart;

And perhaps today is the day

That we commit to this with a start

On the tree you’ll find Daniella-

A picture for each of you.

And our 2017 of living given

Will begin with giving her new-

A new chance at life in Honduras

With education, food, and clothes.

We will be her biggest fans and sponsors,

Loving her from her head to her toes.

In my heart I know one thing for sure

That gifts are nice and fun;

But the greatest gift I can give you both

Is the gift of God’s only son.

And Jesus commands his disciples

In three very specific ways:

To deny self, take up our cross, and follow

For every single one of our days.

So here goes this journey, little ones!

Disciples we will be

Denying, taking up, and following

All to show our love and give glory to Thee.

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