Day 1: To the reader…

To the one who reads these words…
One of my greatest joys in life is writing.  The screen and me. And Jesus.  He always seems to be sitting on my shoulder, giving me words and checking my heart. I consider it an honor and privilege that you’d pause in the busyness of your life and read the words God penned through the keys on my little purple-cased Mac. And each time you comment or message, I read it carefully and lift your words back to Him. I don’t take lightly the minutes of your day devoted to these words. Your sacrifice of time is a burden felt deeply by me and carried lovingly by Him  – because he knows how very much I love to write and how very much I love Him and you, the reader.
Day 1 of 31
In the world of writing, there’s a challenge each October to write for 31 days. I’ve started many times and finished never. I get derailed a few days in and my perfectionist tendencies won’t allow me to continue once I miss a day. So, starting this crazy busy October with a pledge to write for 31 days is completely ludicrous in my world. But God. He said, “give them what I’ve given you; drop the need to do it perfectly.”
And a podcast conversation between Annie Downs and my friend Lisa Whittle sealed the deal for me a few days ago when Annie said, “I don’t ever want to be unkind to the version of myself that was doing the best she could.”
That girl who has dropped the 31-day writing ball every time? She was doing the best she could. That girl who beats herself up with each mistake and each misstep? Oh, she’s still hanging out here, waiting to rear her ugly head. But she’s also doing the best she can. You, dear reader? I believe you’re doing the best you can, too. And I pray you’re not unkind to the old you or now you. Life is hard.
So, friend, my heart for the next 31 days is to carry the words He’s given me to you – flaws, insecurities, brokenness, and all. And if I miss a day, (ahem! highly likely!), I ask for your grace. You may have even read some of these words before. If so, it’s because God said…share them again.
May the words He gives remind you that we are all more alike than we are different. We are all fellow travelers struggling through this life. Not one better. Not one less than. I look forward to our time together during October.


  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    Dear Sarah, I love your kind heart and the way you bare your soul
    Thank you

  2. Hi Sarah!! Looking forward to reading all that God places on your heart. I, too, had to give up the desire to write perfectly…in order to share in God’s perfect timing. Love you dearly!

  3. Sarah very well said. Thank u for taking your time with the help of God to share with all of us. U are blessed.🙏❤️

  4. Always filled with awe as I share time with your words. They reel me in when needed. They encourage me when needed and they bless me.

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