Day 3: To the woman with cheese sauce on her chin…

To the woman with cheese sauce on her chin…
As I sit in the booth chatting with a friend, I see you place your tray at the table next to ours and pass our table on your way to the drink machine. Your skirt and high heels say you’ve just come from work.
I continue conversing, paying little mind to those around me. Until … I glance over my friend’s right shoulder and catch sight of your face. White cheese sauce dribbled on your chin. A glob and three droplets.
And there’s no one to tell you. You’re sitting alone, eating alone.
I briefly consider letting you know. The restaurant is packed, and I have a feeling you’d be embarrassed. But you never make eye contact. Never look my way.
I finish my meal just as you finish. And it’s still there. You clean your table, visit the trash can, refill your drink, and walk out the door. Sigh.
I am sorry you have no one to say, “there’s cheese on your chin.” This might seem silly, but it made me sad, wondering if you eat alone day after day. And for all who are lonely. Loneliness isn’t a pleasant place.
Perhaps you choose to eat alone. I don’t know. But I do know God said “see her, Sarah. Really see her.” And perhaps that’s the greatest gift I/we can give another human today: See her, really see her. I pray we always see those in need, say a prayer, invite them in. That’s what I see Jesus doing … noticing and welcoming the stranger. The lonely. Over and over.
Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9
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  1. Again. You have nailed it. We all need to see the lonely. It could be us some day. We need to be the one to step up. We must really see those around us.

    • So true – and sometimes I am TERRIBLE at seeing others because I am so busy. That’s my cue to slow down!

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