Day 11: To the woman who wished me a blessed day…

To the woman who wished me a blessed day…
My weakness for a large McDonald’s coffee with two cream and one Splenda is no secret. I am almost sure you recognize me by now. You’re as much a part of my morning routine as teeth brushing. You look me in the eye and ask for $1.07 each morning, and I smile back and tell you to have a good day.
Except this morning.
This morning, your face is a bit brighter. Smile a bit bigger. I’ve always noted your red hair pushing out beneath your McDonald’s visor, but this morning I notice your eyes. Blue or green – I am unsure. But they are twinkling as if you know something magical.
I hand you my money, and you respond with “have a blessed day.”  You’ve never said that before. Ever. Like never. You’re always pleasant. And while you aren’t there every morning, you’re there enough that I’d remember if you’d have said it.
While it strikes me as odd, I am grateful. Your words remind me that if I’m alive. If I’m breathing. I’m “blessed.” (A word that can take on so many meanings and be so misused.)
And above that…If I’m buying coffee and driving a car. If I’m headed to a job. If my kiddos are healthy. Heavens. I’m not blessed; I’m right down spoiled.
Your words remind me that my work. My responsibilities. The days that seem overwhelming- when there’s more tasks left than minutes til bedtime…that’s a gift, not a burden.
Thank you, sweet lady, for the kind words. For speaking blessing over my day.  It matters. You matter. Sometimes a kind word changes everything.
So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11
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  1. 💕Bless you friend for reminding me to stop being overwhelmed by not enough time and blessed with what I have (or downright spoiled).

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