Day 13: To the girl with divorced parents…

To the girl with divorced parents…
When I ask the class to choose three wishes, laughter ripples across the room as you all compete for the most outrageous wish:
“I want to be the richest man in the world.”
“I want to meet [insert famous person here].”
“I want to travel the world!”
I laugh along with you…the creativity cracks me up!
I continue around the room calling on each raised hand, asking, “what do you wish?”
And you say, “I wish my parents weren’t divorced.”
I want you to know that, in the moment, I wanted to weep. For you. For my own kids. For two young women who are struggling in their relationships and can trace it directly back to having divorced parents. In that moment, your hurt made you brave. Brave enough to say in front of the entire room: I wish this weren’t so.
I am so sorry that I missed the moment, saying very little in response. Because my own broken marriage caused the very pain that you’re voicing, I had no words.
But, I don’t think you were alone in the room. I’m betting most¬†kiddos covered up brokenness with outlandish desires. Sometimes it’s easier to make more money, seek more fame (acceptance and approval), and travel place to place than to sit in our silent sadness and realize…I don’t want the fame and fortune as much as I want to be loved. As much as I want acceptance…
peace… reconciliation… belonging… hope.
While I can’t share Jesus with words, I pray you see Him in me at some point this year. And that somehow you come to know that He loves you deeply – even when, especially when – you feel all hope is lost. I am praying. I see you. Better than that, He’s the God who sees, and He has a plan for you that’s bigger and better than all the wishes in the world.
Genesis 16:13¬† She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”
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  1. I’m proud of that girl for being so open and vulnerable. Hugs to her and to you. May each of these children of divorce find healing in Christ.

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