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To the overwhelmed…

The brother of my best friend from high school commits suicide. A guy I remember dancing at my wedding reception and being kind to all he met.

305 die in the attack on an Egyptian mosque. 27 of those were children.  

Millions starve in Yemen, the worst famine in history.

Bombs fall in Syria. Refugees look for shelter, sustenance, and safety.

The president of the United States tweets using the language of a bully scorned by classmates on the playground.

Elections and the resulting rallies cause fear and unrest in Honduras.

An earthquake shakes Iran. Over 400 die.

NBC fires Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct.

And this is an incomplete summary of the past 15 days.


Turning off or tuning out the world isn’t an option. I’ve always loved the news. But, some days, I am at a loss; the news is overwhelming. Where are you, Lord? And I hear him whisper…where are you, Sarah?

Famine while I search for weight loss plans. Suicide – many feeling lonely, forgotten, judged, hopeless – while we spend spare time talking about them instead of to them. Death while we refuse to notice or care, cutting programs, closing borders, acting as if it’s not our problem even though they’re human too.

You and I can’t save the world. We don’t need to. The entire Bible is the story of God saving the world. He sees each tragedy, each person as only He can see them. But, we are his ambassadors- his hands and feet on earth. Not because he needs us, but because he wants us.

And, life is life.

All lives are equally valuable in the eyes of the Creator. The one dying in the mosque equals the president equals Matt Lauer equals children starving in Yemen. Equals me. Equals you. All created in His image and loved by Him. All in need of love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

So, today, in the midst of turmoil and tragedy. In the midst of a world that often seems overwhelming and scary. There is hope. God is there. He never leaves or forsakes. And while we can’t save the world, we can do for one what we wish we could do for many (Andy Stanley).

We can come alongside and love. Donate. Pray. Be aware and spread the word. We can “sit at all the tables because Jesus eats with everyone” and we can “love, love, love, love as we have been loved” (Nichole Nordemon) by the Creator of the world. We can hope and give hope to others.  

I see your despair. I feel your hopelessness. But, take heart. He has overcome the world. Hold on. He is still good, and he is still in the miracle business.

And there’s ONE out there waiting for you. Do for him or her what you wish you could do for all those dying in mosques, earthquakes, famines, or by their own hand. Love and serve her. Sacrifice for him. Give them hope.  

Much love peace to you today 💛

To the young woman looking for a devotional…

I bet the beautiful cover drew you to this 365-day devotional written just for gals your age. Of course, we know better than to judge a book by its cover, but this book? Judge away. The inside is beautiful too! 61PydGvxeSL._SX350_BO1,204,203,200_

You’ll notice that the words, verses, and insights are relevant to your life as you seek to find your place and identity in the world…

“Sometimes we may look at our lives and wonder, in the face of eternity, how much we really matter. After all, each of us is only one small person – a daughter of God, sure, but still one tiny individual. So what impact could we possibly have that will last through eternity? Honestly? Any individual can have a huge impact on eternity when she makes it her life’s work to share the love of Jesus.” (pg. 322)

It only takes a few minutes each day to soak in these words, read the verse, and write a few sentences about what God is teaching you. And, after spending 365 days with this book, I have no doubt you’ll know deeply that you are adored by your Creator.

I hope you choose to seek time with Him through Adored.


Just a note: I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Also, if you’re a young gal who just found Jesus, some of the language in the book may be foreign to you. I encourage you to dive in anyway. Google the concepts that are unfamiliar. Read more of the Bible passages shared. And ask God to help you feel fully Adored by Him.