First Post

365…That seems like so many days, but the years are flying by.  Somehow I woke up and have an 11 –year-old and an 8-year-old.  What?!?!  I thought they were babies.  I came to this “time is flying” realization last winter.  Some time after the new year, I began to realize that my days were filled with teaching 11th grade, taxiing my kids to various activities, volunteering at my church, grading papers, and having a token conversation with my husband each evening.  The treadmill of life was rolling out of control, and I couldn’t seem to turn it off or even slow it down.  Dance, baseball, Awana, violin, more dance, care group, praise band practice, grading papers, club meetings, committee/board meetings, softball, cleaning, mowing, volunteering…. my family was and is up to our ears in scheduling and activity.  Around the same time last winter, circumstances divinely converged, and God placed a calling on my heart to pursue the creation of an after school program at my church.  I know, I know – as if I needed one more thing on my crazy schedule. In the midst of this, I was tethered to technology, fighting migraines, and missing being a mom and a wife.  My conversations with my daughter, Hannah, were limited to the time to and from dance.  My conversations with my son, Owen, were irregular to say the least.  And, my conversations with my husband were about “necessaries” like money, kids’ schedules, our schedule, dinner menu…blah!  Something had to give…and still does.

Ultimately, I turned to the only place I know to turn in times when I can’t seem to successfully micromanage every element of my world: I turned to God, asking him what I needed to do /what I could do to slow us down.  On the outside, our life is perfect – a typical family (with some cute kids:) living the American Dream.  We live in a quaint, small community in a nice house; I drive a mini van, which is often filled with kids.  I teach at the high school a few blocks from my house, my husband works from home, and my kids attend the elementary school right by my school. We even have a dog and cat, Gansey and Sophie.   PERFECT, right?  By culture’s standards, yes, our life is great, perfect, amazing. But, I no longer wanted to be on the cultural treadmill with the rest of the world.  It took only a few conversations with my husband and children to realize they didn’t want to be either.  So, what to do?

For starters, I prayed and prayed and prayed some more.  I sought counsel from a family counselor, two pastors at my church, and a good friend who had made this realization long before I did.  Obviously, I am leaving out months of events, studying, and conversations, but the outcome was 365.  I decided to take 365 days to intentionally focus on my family and my God.  So, from August to August, the Farish’s will try each day to make much of Him.  Oh, we’ve tried to in the past.  But this feels different, more intentional.  Each of us plans to make God our focus personally as well as our family’s focus.  In fact, that’s our family motto:  Make much of Him in all we do.  What will that look like?  We have no idea!  For starters, I took a leave of absence from my job, and I am homeschooling Hannah and Owen.  Other than that, we plan to lean on God, remembering that the Lord’s unfailing love is as vast as the heavens and that his faithfulness reached beyond the clouds (Psalm 36:5).

This blog will be dedicated to how we do life differently over the next year, and how God’s at work in our family, our community, our church, and our world.  We hope you’ll read along as I share what we’re learning.  We also hope you’ll share your journey to making much of Him with us, including tips on de-busying our life – we need all the help we can get!